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"The Food and Drug Administration has approved the first artificial pancreas — a cellphone-sized device that automatically takes care of checking a patient's blood sugar and delivers lifesaving insulin as needed.

The surprise approval Wednesday — it wasn't expected until next year sometime — means patients with type-1 diabetes will be able to hook up the device and skip the regular finger pricks to constantly check their blood sugar."


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"statins would help 1 of 100 individuals to experience 1 fewer heart attack, meaning the drugs benefit 1% of the population. According to the study authors, statin advocates use this “absolute risk” statistic to produce another statistic for “relative risk,” which creates that appearance that statins can benefit 30% to 50% of the population. "
  Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology

"Statins and other high cholesterol busters may impair memory by lowering cholesterol levels in the brain as well as in the blood. Lipids in the blood are essential in the formation of connections between nerve cells, which underlie memory and learning.

In 2012, the FDA modified the labels for statins to reflect their increased risk for memory problems."


Feb. 2nd, 2016 11:39 pm
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"Reduction in cataract incidence has been demonstrated in diabetic rats receiving an extract of fenugreek seeds and leaves. 28 After 115 days of treatment, cataracts were diagnosed in 25% of fenugreek recipients compared with 100% of diabetic controls. Oral administration of fenugreek seed fractions resulted in dose-dependent gastric protection against the effects of ethanol (a necrotizing agent). 29 The seeds were as effective as omeprazole, a clinically-recognized antiulcer agent. Ulcer scores indicated that the soluble gel fraction was more effective than the aqueous extract or omeprazole."
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"One factor that probably contributes to the variability of levothyroxine drug–drug interactions is that some individuals are completely dependent on exogenous levothyroxine (eg, following total thyroidectomy) while others have varying degrees of residual thyroid function. Those with some thyroid function may also have varying degrees of feedback stimulation of endogenous thyroid release via thyroidreleasing hormone and TSH."
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"Ten percent of individuals worldwide are affected by autoimmune diseases, with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) being one of the most common.1 Drug-induced lupus erythematosus (DILE) was first recognized in 1945 with sulfadiazine as the offending agent.2 Since then, more than 90 medications from more than 10 drug classes have been implicated in causing lupus.1,3 DILE is estimated to affect 15,000 to 20,000 individuals each year and accounts for 10% of SLE cases.1,2 Risk factors for DILE include being a slow acetylator, having certain serologic features (eg, HLA-DR4 and HLADR0301), having complement C4 null allele, and being female.2

Drug-Induced Lupus Erythematosus
DILE is similar to idiopathic SLE. However, the prognosis of DILE is promising compared with that of SLE. DILE presents itself after exposure to the offending medication and the symptoms usually resolve within weeks of discontinuing the offending agent"
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Как долго можно принимать ГК, чтобы не возникли серьезные побочные эффекты и не повысился риск развития ряда злокачественных опухолей? Точного ответа нет, потому что все зависит от индивидуальных особенностей организма и всех факторов, перечисленных выше. Но данные ряда исследований показали, что, например, прием ОК дольше 5 лет повышает риск развития предраковых состояний и рака шейки матки (уровень понижается до среднестатистических через 10 лет после прекращения гормональных контрацептивов).

За последние пятнадцать лет в медицинской литературе появилось огромное количество публикаций о связи рака молочной железы и приема гормональных контрацептивов, причем одни данные говорят о риске, существующем в период приема гормональных контрацептивов (не только таблетированных форм) и коротком периоде после завершения приема, другие — о риске в течение длительного периода после завершения приема гормонов. Независимые от фармакологических компаний и лечебных учреждений организации тоже проводят свои собственные исследования, и данные таких исследований не утешают.

В целом риск развития рака повышается в 1,5 раза после одного года (12 месяцев) приема гормональные контрацептивов и медленно понижается в течение последующих 10 лет после прекращения приема гормонов до уровня риска тех, кто гормоны вообще не принимал. Эти данные касаются в первую очередь ОК, содержащих высокие дозы эстрогенов (старое поколение гормональных контрацептивов). Также некоторые виды прогестинов (этинодиол диацетат) могут повышать риск развития рака в два раза. Трехфазные гормональные контрацептивы, особенно содержащие норэтиндрон, которые редко применяются в развитых странах, но все еще назначаются широко (из-за дешевизны) в постсоветских государствах, повышают риск развития рака молочной железы в три раза (уже в течение года приема препарата). Современные низкодозированные препараты имеют меньший уровень риска. Поскольку низкодозированные ОК появились на рынке не так давно, а рак молочной железы возникает у женщин старшего возраста (предклимактерического и климактерического возраста), изучение темы влияния этих видов контрацептивов на возникновение рака требует больше времени.

Риск возникновения глиомы (злокачественная опухоль мозга) повышается с продолжительностью приема контрацептивов: меньше 1 года — в 1,4 раза, больше 5 лет — в 1,9 раза. Увеличение риска наблюдалось при приеме любых гормональных контрацептивов: в среднем для комбинированных (эстрогены+прогестины) — в 1,5 раза, при приеме прогестиновых контрацептивов — в среднем в 2,8 раза (1,.6–5,1). Риск повышается при приеме контрацептивов и понижается после прекращения их приема.


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A German carpenter named Clemens Bimek has invented a form of male contraception meant to let men control their sperm flow with the flip of a switch.

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Repatha joins Sanofi Regeneron’s Praluent, approved last month, a similar drug that costs $14,600 per year. So potent are these new drugs that they give rise to a question that has rarely been asked: How low should a person’s cholesterol go?

The two companies have arrived at very different answers.

Amgen scientists say the lower the better, and the company offers just one dose of Repatha — the maximum dose. Sanofi offers two doses of Praluent; the lower dose is half the maximum one.

Patients taking Praluent are to begin with the lower dose and stop there if cholesterol declines enough, in a doctor’s judgment.

Both drugs are antibodies that inactivate a gene called PCSK9. In studies of large populations, academic researchers discovered that people whose PCSK9 genes were naturally less active or completely inactive had very low levels of LDL cholesterol and were protected from heart disease.

Drug companies seized upon the finding and began developing PCSK9 inhibitors with record speed. But company scientists realized it would not be enough to show that the drugs slash LDL levels. They would also have to conduct huge clinical trials to show these drugs prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Those studies are still underway, but the F.D.A approved Repatha and Praluent anyway for people at high risk."


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"An interdisciplinary research team led by The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston reports a new breakthrough in countering the deadly effects of radiation exposure. A single injection of a regenerative peptide was shown to significantly increase survival in mice when given 24 hours after nuclear radiation exposure. The study currently appears in Laboratory Investigation. UTMB lead author Carla Kantara, postdoctoral fellow in biochemistry and molecular biology, said that a single injection of the investigative peptide drug TP508 given 24 hours after a potentially–lethal exposure to radiation appears to significantly increase survival and delay mortality in mice by counteracting damage to the gastrointestinal system."
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"In human cells, shortened telomeres, the protective caps at the ends of chromosomes, are both a sign of aging and contribute to it. Scientists at Emory University School of Medicine have found that the dietary supplement alpha lipoic acid (ALA) can stimulate telomerase, the enzyme that lengthens telomeres, with positive effects in a mouse model of atherosclerosis. The discovery highlights a potential avenue for the treatment for chronic diseases. The results were published August 20 in Cell Reports."
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Let's start out with the fact that all marjorams are oreganos, since the genus name for both is origanum, but not all oreganos are marjorams. Certainly some of the overlapping comes from the fact that marjoram used to have its own genus. Now oregano is the genus and marjoram, or sweet marjoram (Origanum majorana) is only one variety of over fifty types of oregano. Pot marjoram (Origanum onites) is another variety, but even this causes confusion, sometimes being called Cretan oregano because of its place of origin. There is even confusion outside the genus itself. In Puerto Rico there is a variety of coleus (Coleus anboinicus) which is marketed as oregano and often used in combination with bay leaf and celery as a traditional Cuban seasoning. In Spain there is Thymus nummularius, and in Mexico there is Lippia graveolens; both sold and used in place of oregano. One last example of how it all gets jumbled: Origanum vulgare, or what is taken for common oregano, is also known as wild marjoram!


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